Here at First Floors we offer a range of flooring options including solid and engineered wood, laminate, luxury vinyl, rugs and carpet. Our floor fitting service is second to none and we only use qualified, experienced and professional fitters.  For those looking for a carpet we offer a tiered carpet fitting service.

Most carpet companies are unable to take customer’s old carpet, this is due to several reasons. For a start, carpet can’t be put into a skip and there are restraints with taking it to a recycling refuse centre, there are also time and cost constraints with this. However, we have come up with a solution and are now one of the only carpet companies in the south side to be able to offer a tiered service addressing the problem of disposing of your old carpet.

Our flooring fitting service features the following options:


This is our standard carpet fitting service for the fitting of carpet with underlay and the installation of gripper rods. The customer is responsible for clearing the room of furniture and uplifting the existing flooring. In addition, the customer is responsible for disposing of existing flooring.


The next level up, our silver service includes the fitting of carpet, underlay and gripper rods as featured in our Bronze service, and includes the uplift of your existing carpet which will be placed neatly at the rear of house, garage or wherever you choose. The customer is responsible for clearing the room of furniture and disposing of the existing flooring.


In addition to the service described in the Silver fitting service, such as moving your existing flooring to an area of your choosing ready for disposal, we will be able to move 5 items of furniture out of the room and back into place after the carpet has been fitted. Unfortunately we are unable to move electrical items and breakable items. The customer is responsible for disposing of the existing flooring.


This is the top fitting service we offer and it includes the fitting of carpet, underlay and gripper rods. We will also uplift your existing carpet and move five items of furniture (excluding electrical items and breakables). Your existing floor will be disposed of by us.

For a competitive quote please contact Patrick, David or Andy in the showroom on 0141 638 0968. Alternatively contact us online for a quote.

Please note – There may be additional charges subject to subfloor conditions and we cannot take responsibility for any damage to furture and any unavoidable paint damange to walls and skirting if these need to be removed.