Carpet underlay can really make a difference to the way that your new carpet feels, and will help it to last longer and look great long-term.

Here’s a quick guide to carpet underlay…

Carpet durability

A good underlay will stop your carpet pile from flattening over time, and will keep it looking better for longer.

Insulating and acoustic properties

Underlay can reduce the noise – which is perfect if you live in a flat or apartment, and are conscious of ensuring that you can’t hear footsteps or movements in adjoining properties. It really is a great shock-absorber too.

Easy to clean

By keeping your carpet pile in good condition, you will find it much easier to vacuum and keep clean.

Different types of underlay

It can be confusing knowing which underlay to go for, and that’s what our carpet experts are for. We can help you work out what underlay is right for your carpet and your home. You may need a different underlay in areas of high footfall for example, or your concern might be sound proofing in which case we can talk you through all the options. Here’s a quick overview in the meantime:

Sponge underlay

Synthetic rubber is used in this type of underlay, it has no odour and is very stable. You will really notice the difference with this underlay as it’s soft underfoot.


This is made from rubber as well, but it’s much denser. This is used mainly with hard flooring, such as laminate and wood, helping to protect your floor from any moisture. This is also good for noise reduction.


This is a very popular underlay and is made from granulated rubber bonded together, and is made from 80% recycled material making it very environmentally friendly. It’s very durable and is great for areas of high footfall such as a hallway or stairs. It’s also perfect for sitting rooms with heavy furniture as it won’t make permanent indentation marks.

Crumb felt

This has a felt layer on top of the crumb underlay, and used primarily underneath woven carpets.

Recycled felt

This is the most environmentally friendly underlay available. It’s made from wool and is very comfortable underfoot. This is usually used in rooms with concrete subfloors which can be quite cold.


This is the brand name of underlay which is stuck to the floor, and then the carpet is stuck to the underlay. This prevents any movement and is great with natural fibre carpets such as those we sell from Alternative Flooring.