When it comes to choosing flooring options for your home, real wood floors and engineered wood flooring are firm favourites. But, what is the best type of wooden flooring for your home? Your choice will very much depend upon your size of room and budget, the type of room and personal taste. Below we share some thoughts on how to choose the right wooden flooring for your home.

Real wood floors

Real wood flooring is, as the name suggests, solid wood flooring that has been cut into planks ready to lay down. Solid wood flooring covers many different types of wood, including bamboo, maple and oak floors. This type of flooring contracts and expands with moisture and changes in temperature so is best used in the hallway, living room and bedroom.

Different types of hardwood flooring

As already mentioned there are different types of wood used for solid wood flooring. Bamboo is a beautiful wood that is constructed from grass, just don’t use it in high humidity rooms as it will expand. Oak floors are very popular with homeowners as they are hard wearing, resilient and durable. They can be used in any room and you can apply a protective stain or simply sand them down for an artistic look. Oak floors are perfect for the busy family home. Maple flooring is also a good option for the family home as this is a resilient hardwood. It has a subtle grain and is very distinctive, making it perfect for the living room. It’s also useful in high traffic areas, such as the hallway.

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood is comprised of layers of plywood with a top layer of wood. You can also choose different thicknesses of engineered wood flooring. Popular choices include engineered oak flooring and engineered maple wood flooring. This type of flooring gives you the look of natural wood but is cheaper than real wood floors. This type of wood flooring can be laid over underlay and used with underfloor heating.

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